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Get empowered. Exclusive, free access to a growing array of continuing professional development courses and material as part of their subscription (Plus subscription). Stop paying extra to get trained! Learn more.

Get paid jobs, projects managed by the ProZ.com team for industry partners, in both translation and interpreting. And if the client likes your work and wants to work with you directly, we’ll put you in contact with them! Are you an interpreter? Members get first shot at calls, free training to become compliant, and ongoing support from ProZ.com to start working and earning right away, backed by ProZ*Pay. Learn more.

Get paid more, faster, earlier, and their own way (PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer, Skrill, etc.) using ProZ*Pay, the only payment service dedicated to getting as much money as possible, as soon as possible (even in advance of pay day), to the freelancer. Learn more.

Collaborate with like-minded individuals. Translation Mastermind (free access for Plus subscribers), a group of serious professionals built around cultivating direct client relationships, the Certified PRO Network, specialist Pools, Mentoring, and other groups and initiatives, are powered by, and maintained for ProZ.com members, both on and off the site.

Get a full floating license to their own CAT tool as part of their subscription, now with ChatGPT integration (Plus subscription). No need to purchase a tool separately! Learn more.

Get protection. Invaluable risk management through the Blue Board™ helps you to avoid working with the wrong clients, and the ProZ.com team are actively reacting to and informing members about the latest scams directed at language professionals. Learn more.

Get full, free access to online events and networking opportunities throughout the year, including the annual International Translation Day event series, the industry’s largest gathering of freelance professionals since 2009. Learn more.

Get full access to an online invoicing tool built with the modern language professional in mind. Learn more.

Have fun and showcase their skills in contests. Regular translation contests are held, where members can hone their skills, have some fun, network, and leverage wins to meet new clients. The next contest starts soon! Learn more.

Get more clients and more work. ProZ.com members meet clients at 4 times the rate of non-members, appear in the first layer of directory results, can apply to member-only jobs, and their quotes are seen by job posters first. They can also build their own real-time project history to showcase the projects and specialties in which they work to potential clients using the “What I am working on” feature. Learn more.

Support, via their membership, the ProZ.com Pro bono program. The pro bono program is a new but fast-growing service within ProZ.com, enabling volunteers to contribute to making the world a better place, through their support or active participation in voluntary translation and interpreting. Learn more.

Are not alone. Members have the option to “partner for success” with a member of the ProZ.com Support and member success team, and get one-on-one guidance, advice, and help with meeting their professional objectives-- on and off the ProZ.com website.

And more. New services, tools, resources and other benefits are being added all the time.


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Subscribing to ProZ.com makes
good business sense. Here's how:

  • As one freelancer put it, ProZ.com "works automatically as a marketing tool."
  • Your ProZ.com profile never stops working for you...
    Even while you’re working, your ProZ.com profile is doing its job. The ProZ.com directory is the largest and most detailed in the industry, and hundreds of outsourcers hire via the directory every day. Profile pages (not job postings) are the most common means for clients and translators to meet.
  • And that's not all.

ProZ.com is also a global community

The contacts you make with trustworthy colleagues can lead to great things (as well as being a source of new work). Translators have used ProZ.com to connect with fellow professionals, and gone on to create new businesses, translators' organizations, networks, initiatives, services and events, across the Internet and in person, together. Maintaining a presence at the industry's leading crossroads may take you in new directions you never anticipated.

More than 36,000 translators, interpreters and translation companies have endorsed the ProZ.com professional guidelines. A new version of the guidelines has been released. See the professional guidelines here

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  • All Standard package benefits
  • Identity and security profile fields and validation
  • Library of training material
  • "Basket" of goods and services from ProZ.com partners
  • Advantages in client channels external to ProZ.com
  • Simple, recurring payments
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  • Access to your own website and hosting, with one-on-one consultation to perfect your professional web presence
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Member professional ribbon
Free Standard
Terms research and assistance
Online invoicing
Networking features
Full benefit of ProZ.com's high rank in Google and other search engines
Exclusive access to ProZ.com services via ProZ.com Mobile (iOS and Android)
Priority rank in the directory
Access to member only jobs
Full access to the ProZ.com Blue Board™
ProZ*Pay payment service
Paid jobs. Projects managed by the ProZ.com team to bring more paid work to members
Quotes seen first by outsourcers
Track visitors to your profile
Participate in translation contests
Build a real-time project history to attract clients and show your expertise
Report, track, and verify your continuing professional development
Create service agreements for your clients
Exclusive access to industry reports for freelancers
Additional protection against industry-specific scams
Enjoy periodic discounts on software, tools and ProZ.com conferences
See only industry-related advertisements.
Eligible for discounts on a wide variety of ProZ.com training sessions
Exclusive access to content and networking opportunities at ProZ.com virtual conferences
Easy image uploading in the forums
Unlimited localization of profile taglines
Verification of native language
Added dimension in your ProZ.com experience
Identity and security profile fields and validation: full access to the SecurePRO™ program See details
View new Blue Board category ratings for all outsourcers See details
Interpreter training: for compliance and certification See details
$520 value
Free continuing professional development courses See details
+ $2,000 value
Plus-subscriber video library with 1,000+ hours of content Browse videos
+ $1,000 value*
In-depth tracking and analytics of visitors and traffic to your ProZ.com profile
Real-time communication tools for client and collaborator contact See details
Attend ProZ.com Meetups
Access to ProZ.com Meetups recordings See details
"Basket" of goods and services from ProZ.com partners
Full license to CafeTran Espresso (CAT tool) See details
€80 value
Membership in Translation Mastermind, a private translator and interpreter community dedicated to meeting end clients See details
€39 value
Free download of Henk Sanderson's IATE terminology packages (available in 552 language pairs) See details
€5.50+ value
Free download of The CJK Dictionary Institute's terminology packages (over 160 glossaries available across 4 language pairs) See details
€5.00+ value
10 monthly credits in TransPDF, a fast and reliable PDF translation tool for professionals using XLIFF See details
$60 value
30% discount on PerfectIt™ Proofreading Software
25% scholarships toward selected Middlebury Institute in-person or online, degree or nondegree localization programs. See details
More goods and services to come!
Advantages in client channels external to ProZ.com
Freelancer marketing widgets and networking tools See details
Priority positioning for remote (API) searches of the ProZ.com directory See details
Professional membership to TM-Town See details
$144 value
Interpreter screening and additional channels for client contact for interpreters See details
Additional Plus subscriber exclusive benefits
Remove banner ads from throughout site (and optionally view all at once on a dedicated page) See details

* If purchased individually, the total cost of the videos in the Plus package would be more than $9,900.
The terminology packages range in price from €5.50 to €8.50. There is a limit of 2 terminology package downloads per Plus subscription period.
The terminology packages range in price from €5.00 to €18.00. As a Plus subscriber there is no limit to the number of terminology packages you can download.

Learn more about the Plus package here.

Continuing professional development resources included in the Plus subscription

Continuing professional development (CPD) is important for any freelancer. There are a lot of free resources nowadays that you can make use of; there are also paid options that will help you build and maintain your skills, but this can add up! The ProZ.com team wants to make what would normally be paid content and training more accessible to members, so a growing array of resources is included as part of the Plus membership subscription. The ProZ.com video library houses over a thousand hours of content, all free to Plus subscribers. And now on-demand courses with certificates of completion are being added regularly to the package included in your Plus subscription.

As a ProZ.com member, you can also bring together in one place all of your CPD activity, have it verified by ProZ.com staff, and showcase your continuing professional development to potential clients and collaborators as one more indication that you are a serious professional who is consistently improving and getting better at what you have to offer.

Plus subscriber video library: on-demand content on translation, interpreting, business, tech, and more

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Free continuing professional development courses with certification

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